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It's about relationships. We place millions in media each month for our clients, and much of that is targeted to influencer podcasts, radio, and digital video. We find the perfect influencers for your product. More importantly, we help them organically weave your product into the fabric of their shows, so the authenticity of their endorsements shines through.


There are 500,000+ podcasts; which ones do your customers listen to? We'll tell you. Once we profile your consumers, our platform tells us not only the podcast genre your future customers will engage in -- but also the specific podcasts they're likely to engage in. Game-changer.


We have a listener profile database of meaningful national and local market radio programs and on-air talent to endorse your product/s. Once we analyze your consumer and your digital marketing footprint, we'll match you to audio channels that will perform.


Our TV and Connected TV division will match your ideal customer personality profiles to the programs they consume daily.


From YouTube to Rumble, we optimize ad buying quickly by zeroing in on content that matches and attracts your customer's personality types. Digital video allows us to engage influencers to organically introduce your product/service within their shows.


Pandora, Spotify, iHeart, Amazon… the list goes on and on with a growing universe of streaming, on-demand, customizable audio. A huge benefit is that you can micro-target your demo and serve up visual impressions with your audio ad. And yes… we've profiled these channels as well.


Satellite is a great platform for transitioning from digital to audio. The challenge is satellite radio isn't as transparent in audience metrics. So, while the upside to satellite is immense — it's critical to behaviorally match your customer to the right programs.