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Look, any agency can place your media — there’s no magic
in that! If you’re advertising on audio channels, understand this

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adcology is the PsychTech that behaviourally profiles your customers and matches them in our massive database of top podcasts, radio programs and YouTube channels. The result is a finely-tuned media campaign which eliminates much of the trial and error method that results in failed campaigns.

Identifying your customers by personality types gives us rich multidimensional and actionable data that drive winning strategies. Similar personality types (like-minded customers) congregate to similar media based on content and on-air influencers and podcasters. This technology goes an essential step further by scrubbing social channels and relevant websites as well as your inbound/outbound customer interactions for most commonly used words, sentiments, questions and answers about your product. This data forms the nucleus of your campaign strategy and creative which results in increased ROI.”

Leveraging all audio Channels To Drive ROI

Digital marketers face a daunting task of trying to predict how their DIGITAL metrics will translate to OFFLINE media. Well, we made it braindead simple to migrate and scale with our proprietary Media Conversion Metrics.
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There are 50,000+ podcasts; which ones do your customers listen to? We’ll tell you. Once we prole your consumers, our platform overlays it to our massive database of podcast proles. That’s how we pinpoint which podcasts will work for you.
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We have a massive database of meaningful national radio programs, local market radio stations, and on-air talent. Once we analyze your digital marketing footprint (what works for you online) we’ll match your footprint to our audio database for a clear roadmap for success.
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Satellite is a great platform for transitioning from digital to audio. The challenge is satellite radio isn’t as transparent in audience metrics. So while the upside to Satellite is immense — its mission critical to match your customer to the right channels and programs while navigating away from underperforming shows.
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Public broadcasting (NPR) is perhaps one of the most underutilized and misunderstood broadcast verticals in the industry. We have deep relationships with both local and national NPR partners affording us latitude we need to help all our clients to succeed on this highly listened-to platform.
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Pandora, Spotify, iHeart, Amazon… the list goes on and on in the growing universe of streaming, on-demand, customizable audio. The beauty of this audio channel is that you can micro target nicely to your demo and serve up visual impressions along with your audio ad. And yes… we’ve profiled these channels as well.

Profile Your Customers for Free

Give us a chance to earn your business. We’ll profile your customers, 

evaluate your campaign and tell you if you’re maximizing your ROI (for free).

Receive a free report highlighting all areas
for revenue and profitability improvement.

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