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Books by Dr. Greg

  • Get a Raise in 30 Days
  • Crack the Code and Get Published
  • Discovering your Child’s DQ
  • How to Avoid Alienating Your Kids
  • Helping Single Parents
  • Empowering Single Parents
  • Unlocking the Bible’s Secrets to Happiness
  • Married and Feeling Alone
  • Does God Still Speak Through Dreams?
  • Barns & Nobel Bible Trivia


CEO of Adcology

Dr. Greg holds a doctorate and master’s in psychology (don’t be impressed – marginal grades and university) and has written multiple psychology and self-help books ranging from business psychology to dream analysis.

The question Greg hears most is, how did a shrink end up with an ad agency? Actually, it makes sense. “In the 90’s I’d see patients and then head off to KBRT (a L.A. radio station) to host my PM drive talk show. That’s where you get a 360-degree view of advertising. Salespeople take you to client meetings, you evaluate advertisers for your endorsement, you review countless ad scripts (mostly bad) and have access to client results. Basically, you earn a Ph.D. in what makes marketing work (and not work). That’s when I began to study the relationship between psychology and marketing and launched my agency.

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Matt leads Adcology’s strategic and media buying divisions.

Having orchestrated many of the most recognized and successful brand and D2C campaigns in recent memory, Matt is widely recognized as the go to expert for integrating cross-platform marketing strategies and advertising campaigns. Matt is particularly adept at balancing multiple endorsers/influencers and spot campaigns across terrestrial radio, satellite, podcast and YouTube. Matt is a frequent featured speaker on the topic of ​how offline media impacts online results.

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Dane manages Adcology’s financial division including AP/AR. Dane has an acute entrepreneurial focus and expertise and experience with advertising agencies, marketing, technology, and financial services firms. Prior to joining ADcology Inc. Dane served as Vice President of Finance and Operations for Veritone Media, formerly R.O.I. Media Direct, a Direct Response Radio Ad Agency. Dane earned his Masters in Business Administration with an emphasis in Innovation Management from Chapman University, and his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Point Loma Nazarene University.

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Office pups: Vinny, Head of Disrupting, Evie, Entertainment Director, and Boulder, not entirely sure yet

How We Work

Behavioral Profiling

We developed a PsychTech that behaviorally profiles your customers and matches them in our massive database of over 10,000 podcasts, radio programs and Youtube channels.

Customer To Media Matching

The result is a finely-tuned media campaign that predicts precisely where we will find your customers across podcasts, radio, satellite and streaming audio channels.


Our technology takes it a step further by scrubbing social media platforms where you appear — as well as your inbound and outbound customer interactions. We collect and analyze most commonly used words, sentiments, questions and answers about your product or service, which forms the nucleus of your creative.

Doctor of Psychology

Next, a doctor of psychology oversees your ad creative which highlights strong emotional prompts to engage with you while neutralizing subconscious resistance.


You receive a scientifically-designed campaign with award-winning creative.

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adcology is the PsychTech that behaviourally profiles your customers and matches them in our massive database of top podcasts, radio programs and YouTube channels. The result is a finely-tuned media campaign which eliminates much of the trial and error method that results in failed campaigns.

Identifying your customers by personality types gives us rich multidimensional and actionable data that drive winning strategies. Similar personality types (like-minded customers) congregate to similar media based on content and on-air influencers and podcasters. This technology goes an essential step further by scrubbing social channels and relevant websites as well as your inbound/outbound customer interactions for most commonly used words, sentiments, questions and answers about your product. This data forms the nucleus of your campaign strategy and creative which results in increased ROI.”

Profile Your Customers for Free

Give us a chance to earn your business. We’ll profile your customers, 

evaluate your campaign and tell you if you’re maximizing your ROI (for free).

Receive a free report highlighting all areas
for revenue and profitability improvement.

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