Creative Hack – Writing Great Ad Copy

By Dr. Greg Cynaumon

Ad copy
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Recently, a marketing publication asked me for my #1 TIP to help online and offline writers create GREAT AD COPY! I thought I’d share an excerpt below; hopefully it helps and inspires.

Our first stop was with the Doc of Ads, Greg Cynaumon, Ph.D. from Dr. Greg is a creative architect behind notables ranging from LifeLock to LegalZoom to Hooked on Phonics. As a doctor of psychology and former radio show host, he brings a behavioral science slant to writing ad copy.

Here’s Dr. Greg’s Ad Hack for writing great creative.

TIP: Start at the end and work back. Translation: Most copywriters start at the beginning of the copy searching for the perfect opening hook. HUGE mistake! The hook should never drive the copy. Wrap your brain around the psychology of the copy and let that drive your hook.

STARTING POINT: envision the successful conclusion of the sales funnel before you write a single word. That’s pretty much the consumer’s decision to buy! “Basically, you have to envision the prototypical customer buying the product/service. You have to become the customer, analyze what they heard and saw that prompted them to buy and work backward. This template might help:

  1. Describe the last thing people must hear and think about your product/service that will compel them to take immediate action.
  2. Describe the product/service in ways that cause people to instantly identify with it. They MUST project (envision) themselves using the product and easily understand how it makes them better, smarter, happier or more admired… or see how it improves their life.
  3. Envision having coffee with friends (who match the product demo). Everyone is distracted and chatting amongst themselves when you decide you can’t wait any longer to share your excitement about a product that you’re sure they’ll love too. Whatever you say has to instantly cause them to stop talking, turn toward you and lean in to hear what you have to say. That’s your hook and you have 7-10 seconds at the start of your copy to say it. I guarantee if you’d written the hook before Steps 1 and 2, it would be very different and less impactful.

My fellow right-brain creative types… hope this helps.


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